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Hy-Lok tube and pipe fittings provide leak-free connections for instrumentation, pneumatics, hydraulics, fluid delivery systems, and other related industries.

Speak to one of our Tube Fitting Division experts today to discuss your specific application needs or locate a distributor.

Tube Fittings
Hy-Lok's flareless tube fittings feature a two-ferrule design that compensates for tolerances in tube O.D. and range in tube size from 1/16" to 2" (2mm to 38mm)

Hy-Lok Pipe Fittings
Hy-Lok Pipe Fitting

Push On Fittings
Push On Fittings

Rubber Hose Connectors
Rubber Hose Connectors

QC Quickconnect
Hy-Lok QC Quick Connects

ZCR Face Seal Fitting

ZCR Face Seal Fittings

Weld Fitting
Weld Fitting ( Instrument Thread and Micro )

ZCO Fittings
ZCO O-Ring Face Seal Fitting

37° Flare JIC
Hy-Lok's rugged and compactly designed needle valves offer a wide range of sizes, configurations, end connections, pressure and temperature ratings.

Calibration Fittings
Calibration Fittings

High Pressure Fittings
High Pressure Fittings

DIN Tube Fittings
Hylok DIN 2353 tube fittings are most commonly used in the industrial hydraulics and pneumatics field. Available in three series of tube port end connections to satisfy a variety of system requirements.

JIS Bite Type Fittings
Hy-Lok flareless bite type tube fittings

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