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ZCR Face Seal Fitting

Hy-Lok's high purity ZCR Face Seal Fittings set the semicondutor industry standard for weld and metal gasket face fittings. Our face seal fittings feature two sealing beads compressing a metal gasket for maximum leak-free performance, and are fully interchangeable with other major face seal fitting manufacturers.

Our face seal fittings are surface finished to Ra 0.25 μ m (Ra 10 μ in) standards to prevent leaks in high vacuum and positive pressure applications. Clean fittings are double packaged in anti-static polyethylene bags that have been purified by nitrogen gas, all within a class 10 clean room environment.

ZCR Clean Fittings: Weld and Metal Gasket Face Seal Features

  • Available in ¼ to 1 inch and 6 to 18mm sizes
  • 316, 316L, 316L VOD, and 316L VIM VAR Stainless Steel Material
  • Weld fitting for manual or automatic welding equipment
  • VAR and VIM-VAR raw materials are purchased with tightly controlled sulphur content for welding repeatability.
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ZCR Face Seal Fitting
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