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ZCO Fittings

ZCO O-Ring Face Seal Fittings Hy-Lok ZCO O-ring Face Seal Fittings are designed for quick, easy installation in zero clearance areas. ZCO O-ring Face Seal fittings are suitable for anything from high pressure to vacuum applications, and feature a wide temperature up to 550° F (280° C).

Additional O-ring Face Seal Fitting features include safety leak test ports, machined finishes for leak-free seals, and highly efficient enclosed o-rings. All ZCO Ring Face Seal Fittings have been helium lock tested to a rate of 4x 10-9 std cm3 /s without leakage. O-Ring Face Seal assemblies consist of three basic components: the female nut, the gland, and the body.

ZCO O-Ring Face Seal Fitting Specifications

Size 1/4” through 1”
Max Working Pressure 14300 psig (980 bar)
Max Temperature 550° F (280° C)
Body, Gland & Nut Alloy 316 Stainless Steel *
Weldable Gland Alloy 316L Stainless Steel *
O-ring Material 70 Durometer Flurocarbon (Viton) is standard **
90 Durometer Flurocarbon on SAE/MS threads


* Optional body, gland, and nut alloys are available upon request
** Optional o-rings include Fluorocarbon, Buna N, TFE, Perfluoroelastomer (Kalrez), and Ethylene Propylene


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ZCO O-Ring Face Seal Fitting
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